Published: 04.04.2015 Updated: 06.05.2022

Latvijas Banka 2020 ENGAs of 2009, Latvijas Banka publishes the financial statements of Latvijas Banka simultaneously with the publication of the Auditors' Report and prior to approving the Annual Report. The financial statements of Latvijas Banka provide a comprehensive overview of the safety, liquidity and structure of investment, broken down by currency, sector, rating, country of residence etc., as well as inform about financial risks and the performance results of Latvijas Banka managing its foreign currency and gold reserves.

The financial statements, along with the report of the Board of Latvijas Banka, information on the monetary policy in relation to economic indicators and on Latvijas Banka operation, constitute the Annual Report of Latvijas Banka, the major publication on the central bank operation.

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